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Watch 'Time of My Life' Episodes Online for Free

Watch Time of My Life Episodes Online for Free: Time of My Life is the newest and first ever danserye on GMA Network. It stars Kris Bernal, Mark Herras, Rocco Nacino, Jean Garcia, Raymond Bagatsing and Cherie Gil.

Time of My Life Plot Summary/Synopsis

Time of My Life tells of Shane's (Kris Bernal) quest to fulfill her dream of becoming a real dancer. In the process, she uncovers things of the past as she explores the field of dancing.

Because of the competition between Shane and Zaira, a former rivalry resurfaces between Lisa and Martha (Cherie Gil). Martha has long been angry and bitter because her dance partner and boyfriend, Fred (Raymond Bagatsing), broke up with her to be with Lisa. Soon, the couple had a daughter named Lisette.

Unable to accept defeat, Martha schemed to dance with Fred again and set fire to the house where Lisa and Lisette were. However, Lisa followed Fred and, thus, only the child was believed to have perished in the fire.

This incident caused Fred and Lisa to part ways; Fred worked abroad while Lisa went back to her family and married Gregory (Emilio Garcia), the father of Zaira. On the other hand, Martha paid for her crime but kept with her in jail a secret about Fred and Lisa's child. Lisette did not really die in the fire but was saved by Martha's friend, Carlotta (Tanya Gomez). She was raised as Shane and grew up with a natural talent and interest in dancing.

After many years, Lisa, Fred and Martha cross paths again. To avenge herself, Martha discreetly manipulates the two to fight each other using their own daughter, Shane.

Will Fred and Lisa ever discover who Shane really is? Will this truth help or prevent the young dancer from fulfilling her dream? Will their family be reunited or drawn apart by arising complications?

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Where to Watch Time of My Life Episodes Online for Free

Don't forget to watch Time of My Life episodes starting August 1, 2011 every weekdays after Munting Heredera on GMA. If you can't watch Time of My Life live on GMA, you can always watch it over the internet through your computer.

Here's where you can watch Time of My Life episodes online for free:

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