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Watch 'Malparida' Episodes Online for Free

Watch Malparida Episodes Online for Free: Malparida is a telenovela from Argentina which dubbed in Tagalog and is currently airing on ABS-CBN's Hapontastic block. The term "malparida" means a woman of questionable reputation. Malparida is about Renata, a cold and scheming woman seeking revenge against a man that had caused the death of her mother.

Malparida Plot Summary/Synopsis

Twenty years ago, Lorenzo Uribe (Raul Taibo) discovered true love with Maria Herrera and began a romance. Lorenzo was rich, married, and had a young son: Lautaro (Gonzalo Heredia). Maria was poor and unknown to Lorenzo, had a daughter called Renata (Juana Viale).

Maria's mother, Gracia (Selva Aleman), wanted her daughter to catch this rich man at all costs and convinced her that pregnancy would assure this. But before she could tell him, Uribe was pressured by his father to respect his obligations and regretfully ended the romance. He never knew that Maria gave birth to a child of his, an autistic son called Manu. Gracia drove her already depressed and heartbroken daughter Maria to commit suicide, and ended up raising Renata, teaching her to hate Lorenzo and blame him for Maria's death.

The story of Malparida begins when Renata decides to take revenge on Lorenzo. Her mission was to seduce him, get him madly in love with her, leave him and watch him die of love. However, she didn't count on falling in love with Lautaro nor did she know of Lorenzo's dangerous brother, the Admiral.

Where to Watch Malparida Episodes Online for Free

Malparida episodes replaced Pilipinas Win na Win in its timeslot. Don't miss Malparida episodes every weekday afternoon after Showtime and before Juanita Banana starting January 3, 2010. If you can't watch Malparida episodes live on ABS-CBN, you can always watch it over the internet on your computer.

Here's where you can watch Malparida episodes online for free:

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