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Watch 'Kaya ng Powers' Episodes Online for Free

Watch 'Kaya ng Powers' Episodes Online for Free: Kaya ng Powers is the newest fantasy comedy show starring Rufa Mae Quinto, Joey Marquez, Rhian Ramos, Sheena Halili and Elmo Magalona. It is a story of a family who acquired super powers after an experimental mishap.

Kaya ng Powers Plot Summary/Synopsis

The plot story of Kaya ng Powers revolves around the family of Dr. Powers (Joey Marquez), a famous scientist who discovered the secret formula of turning anyone into a superhero. However, his assistant Donald (Bearwin Meily) sabotaged his experiment and it create a huge explosion.

The family survived the explosion, but after 15 years they discovered they have extraordinary abilities. Dr. Powers had survived with only a head and hands. His wife Stephanie (Rufa Mae Quinto), can regenerate her whole body after charging a special ring designed by Dr. Powers. Hilary (Rhian Ramos), the eldest, can transform into anything she can take hold of. Shalani (Sheena Halili) can create fire or water depending on her emotions. Gustin (Elmo Magalona), the youngest, has super strength though he looks like a weakling. The Powers family will use their abilities in an undercover mission in their hometown.

Also starring in this fantasy comedy are Jaya, Enzo Pineda, Rocco Nacino, Alyssa Alano, Diego Llorico, Dang Cruz and Elija Alejo.

Where to Watch Kaya ng Powers Episodes Online for Free

Can the Powers family hide their supernatural abilities for long? Always watch Kaya ng Powers episodes every Saturday after 24 Oras on GMA. If you cannot watch it live on your TV, you can watch it online for free.

Here's where you can watch Kaya ng Powers episodes online for free:

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