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Watch "Pepito Manaloto" Episodes Online for Free

Watch Pepito Manaloto Episodes Online for Free: Pepito Manaloto is what GMA 7 has called the first ever reality-sitcom, whatever they mean by that. It stars the multi-awarded comedy actor Michael V as the title character of the show. Watch Pepito Manaloto episodes every Saturday after Pinoy Records.

I don't know why they called this a reality-sitcom. I don't see how different this is with other shows. Where's the reality part? If they mean this sitcom mirrors what's happening in reality, then every drama would be a reality-drama.

Anyway, Pepito Manaloto also stars Carmina Villaroel, Manilyn Reynes, Ronnie Henares, John Feir, and Joshua Pineda, with the special participation of veteran actor Freddie Webb. It is under the direction of Bert de Leon.

Pepito Manaloto Plot

Here's what you will be dealing with every full episodes of Pepito Manaloto:

This reality-sitcom tells the almost true-to-life story of Pepito Manaloto, a poor man who simply dreams of providing a comfortable life for his wife Elsa (Manilyn) and only son Jonjon (Joshua). He is a cool and trustworthy friend for his best friend Patrick (John).

Just like everyone, Pepito dreams of becoming rich and famous. He dreams of winning the lottery and become an instant millionaire someday. So he religiously bets in the national lottery hoping his dreams will come true.

Little did Pepito know that his simple and underprivileged life will significantly change when he becomes the lone winner of Php700 million in the national lottery!

The new multi-millionaire then meets Maricar (Carmina), an alluring and sophisticated woman who volunteers to manage Pepito's new found wealth. Pepito's new assistant will also introduce him to the glamorous world of the rich and famous. But who is Maricar? Can Pepito really trust this beautiful stranger? And what will be Pepito's relation to financial analyst Tommy Diones (Ronnie) who will end up as the multimillionaire's enemy?

Where to Watch Pepito Manaloto Episodes Online for Free

Follow every adventures and misadventures of the new millionaire in the latest episodes of Pepito Manaloto every Saturday on GMA 7. You can also watch Pepito Manaloto episodes online for free. If are one of those who can't watch this new reality-sitcom every Saturday, here's where you can watch Pepito Manaloto episodes online for free:

KaLinkTV - Pepito Manaloto

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