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The country's most popular and much sought-after young actor and celebrity today, Richard Gutierrez (also GMA7's King of Primetime, Valentine Box-Office King of Philippine movies, and one of the highest-paid and bankable actors in the industry today) and FAMAS 2009 Best Actress Heart Evangelista will breathe life to Justin and Jessie to play the lead role of the much-awaited Philippine adaptation of one of Korea's all-time favorite TV series Full House.

Full House It is a story of two unacquainted people who, through a series of comedic events, end up staying in one roof and sharing more than what they bargained for.

Richard will breathe life to the character of Justin, a famous actor who is scheduled to shoot an international movie in Prague, Czech Republic. He has a complicated relationship with his father and is secretly in love with his best friend, Elaine played by Isabel Oli.

Heart will play the role of Jessie, a struggling wannabe of a writer, presumably won an all-expense paid trip to Prague where he will first meet Justin.

Upon arriving in Prague, Jessie discovers that the trip is actually a hoax arranged by her brother Donald (Rainier Castillo). She intends to seek help from Luigi (Patrick Garcia), Justin's visiting friend whom she met at the hotel, but he has left the country already. With no one else to turn to, Jessie borrows some cash from Justin after fooling him into thinking that Luigi is her ex-boyfriend.

Jessie eventually comes home to an empty house and an empty bank account. Worse, she finds out that her brother had already sold their house to its new owner, Justin. Jessie refuses to give up her house and so does Justin as he had already paid for it in full. So they came to an agreement: Jessie, now that she is beholden to Justin, will work as Justin's maid in order to pay off her debt and eventually buy her house back.

Things go as planned until Justin gets himself involved in another controversy after trying to make Elaine (Isabel Oli), the woman he's been secretly in love with, jealous. To save his showbiz career, Justin is now forced to marry Jessie but only on paper. Their resulting agreement sets off a series of outrageously amusing events that will eventually lead them to the inevitable trap of falling in love!

The series premiered on November 30, 2009, to be directed by Mark A. Reyes and developed by Aloy Adlawan.

Make room for Full House as it opens on November 30 after Stairway to Heaven on GMA Telebabad.

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Anonymous said...

Watched the Korean version and it's good. The Pinoy version is funnier. But should have less of the scenes of the brother and best friend, kind of annoying, the swindling has been understood anyway. Love the ff characters: the manager, Jerry, Marlon, Maya, Chiqui Kokorichin, and the loving Lola. Luv the dog too. Hoping for more scenes of the main characters of the story,Justin, Jessie, Luigi and Elaine---, the story actually evolved in these couples. And hoping to see more sweet and caring moments between Jessie and Justin and Luigi and Jessie to make Justin feel jealous. Cheers to the writer and director.

plm said...

luv 8 talaga...galing nila,galing mo jc...atsaka yong PA ni mr.H na babae...sisikat ka day...gudluck

plm said...

gwapo taga ni justin...bagay kayo ni jc...

Anonymous said...

I agree with you anonymous,kakainis yung characters nung brother and and best friend,panggulo lang and oa na.The rest are all ok. I love the scenes of Justin and Jessie,nakakakilig,lalo na yung binilhan ulit nya ng laptop si Jessie.I really love this show,more power!

Anonymous said...

Please make some more scenes for luigi n jc too so that the the story is more nakakakilig.i luv the way mr. h act bagay nya ang role.hwag naman masyadong api si ms. jc sa kanyang role parang kum baga dapat may pang yabang din sya o pang tapat niya kay elaine kc syempre asawa na ng sikat si jc kumbaga may konting social din sana si jc.
i hope na pagtuunan nyo rin ng pansin ang comment ko.opinion lang ito ha.

Anonymous said...

i agree with most of the comments. super LOVE ko show na ito.. nala-late pa ako sa work ko para lng makapanood ng full house.. mejo pabaitin naman yung role ni donald and bestfriend ni jessie - HINDI NA NAKAKATAWA! BWISIT NA!.. more kilig moment with jessie and justin.. si ELAINE mejo pumanget yung role dito s show na to, hindi naman dpat super sama si elaine d b??.. mejo bawasan.. THANK YOU.. keep it up! props to heart and richard!!!

Anonymous said...

i hate elaine but luv dah episodes

Anonymous said...

hay nku mga dear comment lng s mga comment nio yung script e mtgal n yatang tpos bgo p naumpisahan ang taping no so la n tayo mggawa he he he that is it.

Anonymous said...

i agree with that comment super oa yung brother en besfren ha ha ha sarap pgbabatukan en yung c maya sarap ihagis s dagat ng mksama n nia yung mga octopus dun, npkaweird ng outfit nia ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

sana po i remeke u rin ang chunyang sina heart at richard uli cge na pls ,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Onga i agree with that, i think walang ibang bagay na mag-jessie sa full house kundi si heart lang, wala ako maisip na ibang artistang babagay. ang cute cute umarte ni heart as jessie and im sure you all agree, na mejo kahawig nya yujng korean actress na yun si song hye kyo. diba???
Actually sa tingin ko dapat sya na lang din ang kinuha nila sa Endless Love na Autumn in My Heart ba yun? hindi yun bagay kay marian rivera! dahil si song hye kyo din yun! kamukha ni heart!
mejo matapang ang mukha ni marian para maging song hye kyo. malamang madaming maiinis sa endless love remake na yun kung si marian, di naman sya mukhang koreana! sa mga mexican telenovela na lang sya! pleeese lang! sisirain nyo lang career ni marian dahil maramin maasar.

Anonymous said...

mas gwapo pako ky richard, lamang lang sakin ng isang paligo yan

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous u fat liar hindi ka gwapo yes i've seen who u r and i know what u do muahahahahahahhahaahahahahah jokes i dont know u but im certainly sure you dont look like richard. man don't be a show off!

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